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Wherever The Road Takes Us


With an acquisition afoot and the pandemic soaring

Mailchimp called on BUCK to help tell a story.

One about love and loyalty and strength in teams.

About commitment and friendship—dedicated to their faithful employees.

The great tale grew with the help of our drawings

Down windy paths and open doors that were calling

To a joyful conclusion filled with arty celebration

A book bound tight with thanks and appreciation.

Group Creative Director

Thomas Schmid

Executive Producer

Joe Nash

Creative Director

Shannon Jager

Associate Producer

Dara Ó Cairbre


Lourenço Providência


Noel Núñez-Caba

Lead Creative Director, Brand

Christian Widlic

Design Director, Brand

Ross Zietz

Senior Designer, Brand

Chris Sandlin

Creative Director, Campaigns

Javi Molinos

Design Producer, Brand

Elizabeth Teasley


Jamie Hopper

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